Review: Into the Fire by Cheree Alsop

Into the Fire by Cheree Alsop is the sequel to Galdoni. Although set in the same universe and meeting Kale and the rest that we love from book one, the focus of this book is on the blue-winged Reece as he transitions into human high school. Kale, with Saro as his right hand man, has carefully chosen the Galdoni he feels are ready to be introduced to the world, but Reece doesn’t understand why they picked him. He’s hotheaded, and none of the kids like him. The school bully even makes a habit of beating him up, and he can’t defend himself without breaking the fragile trust that’s allowed Galdoni into high school to start with.

Ava, a female Galdoni, goes into school with him, and instantly dislikes the brash Reece. But she comes to find out that his anger is masking a lot more pain that she first thought. When Ava becomes the target for rogue Galdoni who attack the school, Reece steps up to protect his girl and his school. And nothing can stop him.

Although Kale and Saro (from books one and two) guide Reece in his endeavors, he’s much more public in his fight and he draws the attention and love of his whole high school. Reece becomes the public face of the Galdoni peace movement, and Kale and Saro support him entirely. I love this family aspect woven into the story. Kale, Saro, and Reece are the backbone of their winged family, and that loyalty is what drives everything Reece does. He’s an intense character, but not in the same inner battle way as Saro or Kale. Reece is fiercely loyal, and brave, and a leader. I love him!

If you liked this one, check out the others in the series or visit the author’s website.


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