Review: Immune by Shannon Mayer

Immune is book two of the Rylee Adamson novels by Shannon Mayer, following Tracker Rylee on her supernatural adventures.

Rylee has a new salvage, a young boy in need of her help. But she’s also got a call from Dox, one of the few friends she really has, and he needs her help. Plus there’s that pesky demon venom coursing through her system bringing her to her knees with cold.

Everything seems stacked against Rylee and all she wants to do is save a young boy. But with the help of Alex, Liam, and Eve, Rylee also has to save some shamans and her friend Dox.

Rylee is a stubborn character with a good heart, and she always wants to help others before herself. The children come first, is her motto, but she can’t help them if she’s dying herself. We get to see some of the fun side characters in this book like Doran and Faris, both of whom annoy the heck out of Rylee.

If you like the sound of these books, and I think you will, you can check out the rest of the series here or via author Shannon Mayer’s website. She’s got a couple other series and some stand alones that are pretty great too.


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