Review: I Kissed a Ghost by Robin Leigh Morgan

I Kissed a Ghost by Robin Leigh Morgan feature a young girl named Mary as she moves to a new house and befriends the 100 year old ghost of a boy named George.

First, I should establish that Mary is in the eighth grade, so this is a young adult novel. After Mary’s move to a new house, she must make new friends. Except, her friends believe her house is haunted. Which, incidentally, it is. But George is actually very nice and he takes Mary on a time travel adventure back 100 years for various holidays like Halloween and Christmas and the fair.

I thought the concept of this novel was unique. A girl, a ghost, and time travel. And that’s not an idea that’s been overdone, so I really liked it. Also, the book is written for a younger audience, so the language is more simple and the activities more suited for a middle schooler, which is realistic.

My problem came in the repetitive nature of the writing, a few editing errors, and the flat characters. However, Mary and George still have a good story to tell, caught between today and the past.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can findĀ I Kissed a Ghost on Amazon. Author Robin Leigh Morgan has her website located here and is also a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club.


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