Review: House of Korba by CL Stone

House of Korba

House of Korba is the Ghost Birds series book number eight by CL Stone and continues in the adventures of Sang and the Academy boys.

This is Silas’s book, and we find out more about his family and why he came to the US from Greece with Mr. Blackborne. Of course, the bomb threats at school are increasing, which doesn’t help them focus on Silas’s family problems. Oh, and there’s homecoming which is on halloween. That’s making things complicated.

In this book, we really get to see Sang come into herself, own her feelings about the boys, and decide to stay with them. We see her step up and be the heart of the team, the glue that holds them together. So excited!

Touch of Mischief

Touch of Mischief is a Ghost Birds short story set in the middle of House of Korba. This is what happens halloween morning, the day of the homecoming dance. We see the boys decorating the house and getting ready for the party. Luke is up to his tricks and pranks. Gabriel makes Sang beautiful.

But the fun part about this holiday is that the ten members of their family spend it together. They make a point of coming together, taking the time out of their busy schedules to be there for each other.

Ghost Birds

You can get these books on Amazon for eReaders. Or you can check out the author’s website here. If you liked it, check out my reviews for the rest of the series.


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