Review: High Risk Love by Shannon Mayer

High Risk Love is an action packed romance novel between wild Jet and closed off Jasmin.

Jet was abused. His philosophy in life is to Fear Nothing, and just go for it. Jasmin has watched her entire family die. Her philosophy in life is to never love again, because if you don’t love you can’t lose. The two meet when Jasmin must interview and photograph Jet for a magazine on stunt men. Their interactions are explosive. But Jasmin could lose her job… just like she’s starting to lose her heart.

High Risk Love touches on the inner scares of two very different people that come together to make each other a little less broken. It’s an emotional drama about love, life, and dreams, and what it might cost to go after them full speed ahead.

If you’re ready to risk it, check out High Risk Love on Amazon or via Shannon Mayer’s website. She’s also the author of the Rylee Adamson novels, which I highly recommend.


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