Review: Golden Stair & Divine Scales by Jennifer Blackstream

Golden Stair

Golden Stair is book three of the Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream.

Adonis is an incubus, the kind of demon that feeds on sexual energy. Ivy is a disguised sun elemental, hidden so deep that even she doesn’t know what she really is. When he comes crashing into her secluded tower, he changes her world forever. But he might not be able to stay, because the last thing he can offer her is fidelity.

A Rapunzel retelling, Adonis and Ivy must decide how important the other one really is and to what lengths they are willing to go for the love they might have had. A story of broken dreams and hard-to-keep promises full of sexual energy tampered with true love.

Divine Scales

Divine Scales is the fourth book in the Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream.

Patricio, the angel prince with a thirst for deadly vengeance, cursed with the hero worship of those who should hate him most, meets Marcella, daughter of the mermaid king and sister to his latest victim. Driven to the land using a curse from the sea witch, Marcella is the most beautiful and the most vulnerable thing Patricio has ever been entrusted to protect… if he can find the dregs of the light inside him long enough to see what a lovely thing he’s been offered.

A retelling of the beautiful Little Mermaid story, Patricio and Marcella grip the heart with this sky-meets-water love story full of self forgiveness, trust, and truth.

Blood Prince Series

If you like this one, there’s a whole series yet to come. You can check them out or visit the author’s website.


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