Review: Galdoni by Cheree Alsop

So I’m expanding my horizons with a book review of a book I’ve recently enjoyed tremendously. Galdoni by Cheree Alsop is a young adult fantasy novel about a boy with wings. Who among us hasn’t dreamed at least once about having wings. The Galdoni, genetically engineered bird-people hybrids, have just been set free from their super-strict gladiator-style arena. Kale, the main character, finds himself at the wrong end of some violent haters and ends up in the tender care of three friends who help him hide his wings and learn to adapt to human life. Of course, it’s never that easy!

Personally, Kale is an intriguing character. He comes from a battle-rich background yet still manages to find compassion. Cheree Alsop does a good job making him a real character with internal struggles even as he hopes desperately to be allowed a small bit of freedom. He makes friends with the three human children he lives with, and they bring him a measure of self-confidence he never had before. I like this dynamic element to the story that shows Kale’s growth.

The plot has a few predictable bits, but overall still managed to suck me in from beginning to end. There’s something of a love angle between Kale and Brie, which was obvious from the beginning. But that didn’t diminish the internal struggle on Kale’s part because he feels he doesn’t deserve Brie’s love. And in the end, Kale makes the hardest choice of all and that’s the biggest plot draw of the book. I won’t say more so I don’t spoil the ending!

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

Cheree Alsop is one of my personal favorite authors, as I mention on my Those Who Inspire page. If you liked this one, check out the others in the series or visit the author’s website.



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