Review: Fugue by J Sitler

Fugue by J Sitler is the story of Nathan, a man in a fugue state and his friend/girlfriend Naunie.

A fugue state is a form of PTSD, and Nathan has it. He loses time, can’t remember important things, and gets angry about certain topics for no real reason he can remember. Naunie is his childhood friend who’s come back into his life. She’s concerned about him, but dealing with some of her own trauma.

Fugue is a short story, more of a novella than a novel. Personally, I had trouble with this book because I felt like there was more history of the characters than there was real story. This is a duel protagonist story, with both Nathan and Naunie’s problems featuring in the forefront.

If you want, you can findĀ Fugue on Amazon. Fugue is a Rave Review Book Club feature, and you can check out more about it there.


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