Review: First Test by Tamora Pierce

First Test is the first book in the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce.

Keladry wants to be a knight. After the king gave girls the ability to try for their shields, she’s decided that she’s going to prove to everyone that girls can be knights just like boys. Except, Lord Wydon, trainer of the Pages, doesn’t agree. He’s put a stipulation that she has a one year probation, something no other page has ever suffered.

Kel won’t let this injustice stop her, and soon she’s fighting and scrapping along with all the boys. Finding her first friends, she holds him close and together she and Neal must prove that being different doesn’t mean being worse.

Kel is a character you can really stand behind. She’s stubborn, strong, and determined. She doesn’t give up, even when everyone says she should. And she won’t let bullies tell her what to do.

If you like this series, the rest of the books are listed below. You can also find the two prequel series: Song of the Lioness and The Immortals. Or, check out the author’s website.


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