Review: Finding Home by Jackie Weger

Finding Home follows Phoebe Hawley and her two siblings on their quest to find a job and a new home for their family.

They run into (literally) Gage Morgan and end up staying with him and his young daughter for a few days while they get their feet under them and start earning some money. Of course, things between Gage and Phoebe heat up as time goes by.

Phoebe is stubborn, manipulative, and plain proud. She’s determined to do everything necessary to provide for her family. Gage has been stilted in the past and he’s trying to let his heart heal while caring for his daughter.

I liked the idea of this book, but I struggled with the characters. Personally, I can’t respect manipulation, and that’s the basis for a lot of the book. I can’t respect Phoebe for that, even though she’s trying to take care of her family. Although, I must say the work is well written and the characters are dynamic.

You can check out Finding Home on Amazon or via author Jackie Weger’s website.


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