Review: Fate & Fury by Quinn Loftis

Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis is book six of the Gray Wolves. Bringing back all our favorite characters, plus a few surprises, this installment really clenches the deal on our hearts, giving them away completely to the Gray Wolves.

PS: spoilers if you haven’t read earlier books in the series!

Joined by Cypher, Lily, Peri, Adam, and Elle, the Romanian and Serbian packs are preparing for war and trying not to open the Veil. The torture of the In-Between threatens to take their mates from them, but the girls are on a rescue mission and they won’t let anything stand between them and their men. Without the men and the alphas that can unit the packs, the wolves won’t stand a chance against Desmonda. Of course, the witch has plans for Sally and Rachel, the two remaining gypsy healers. Peri’s going crazy trying to keep the girls protected while helping them rescue their men.

My favorite part about this installment, other than the wild adventure and loyalty, was the strengthening bond between the girls and their guys. The In-Between tests the men to their limits, and the girls have to come in and pick up the pieces. Their relationship is tested, strained, and only continual love gets them through each day.


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