Review: The Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

Emperor Mage is book three of the Immortals Quartet and follows Daine and Numair as they set sail for the Carthaki Islands on a diplomacy mission.

But Daine soon finds that she’s got some new powers, and she doesn’t really want to flash them for the Carthaki. But she can’t really control them. And there might be a plot underfoot that she’s got to reveal to the rest of the world.

Warning, this is a YA novel. That said, I found it well written and intriguing. I wanted to follow Daine through the minefield of politics and figure out why her powers are messing up. She doesn’t always choose like a diplomat, and often that helps her more than it hurts.

Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite authors because she can make characters like Daine the Wild Mage and Kit the dragon and even Zek the marmoset seem real.

If you like this one, you can read the rest of the Immortals quartet here. This series follows the Song of the Lioness quartet in the Tortall universe. You can find the author’s website here.


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