Review: Elfin by Quinn Loftis

So, this week’s novel is Elfin by Quinn Loftis. This is a young adult fantasy with a elven twist and a little romance. Cassie, the star of the show, is a young human girl who just happens to stumble into the Dark Elf’s greatest assassin Triktapic. She finds out she’s his Chosen, which is a pretty intense mate bond, and has to reconcile her pure, innocent heart with his history of death and blood all while her life is in danger from other elves.

The plot was a little predictable. Cassie’s pure heart bring out the goodness in Bad Boy elf Trik and he revolutionizes his ways because of her. But that didn’t make it any less of a thrilling read. Trik’s past comes back to haunt him, hitting him in the only weakness he’s had in a thousand years: Cassie.

Of course, Cassie is a great character. She’s stubborn, yet kind. She has a force of will ready to put up with such a difficult man. Actually, every once in a while, I wondered if she was too good to be true. And Trik was a hard character. I feel like his skills aren’t showcased but rather told, but we still get the point. This is a great example of the good girl next door and the Bad Boy in Black.

I’d recommend this to those of you in need of a good, light read. There’s no inappropriate content, which is one of the reasons I love Quinn Loftis. If you like elves at all, she does them justice. Also, there’s a lot of snarky humor that really sets off the whole thing well!

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you’re interested, you can find Elfin on Amazon, and then there’s a book two: Rapture (Elfin Series). Quinn Loftis is one of the authors on my Those Who Inspire page because she’s become such a great author from smaller roots. If you want to visit her website, click here.

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