Review: Elemental Shining by Maddy Edwards

Elemental Shining is book three of the Paranormal Public series by Maddy Edwards.

Back at Paranormal Public for sophomore year, Charlotte, Sip, Lisabelle, and Lough have some adjustments to make. The coming of two vampire hybrid twins throws even Lisabelle for a loop. The paranormal community is starting to call for Charlotte’s death, and lay the demon attacks at her feet. Oh, and then there’s Keller, everyone’s favorite fallen angel who just might have a thing for the last elemental left. If he can get around his family.

Be prepared for more snarky commentary between now-roommates Sip and Lisabelle. More unrequited love from Lough. More stupid yet brave moves from Charlotte. In other words, what we’ve come to expect from our Paranormal Public crew!

If you like this one, there’s a whole series to come! I’ve even heard of a spin off, so you can check all that out on author Maddy Edwards’s website.


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