Review: Elemental Light by Maddy Edwards

Elemental Light is book nine of the Paranormal Public series by Maddy Edwards.

Charlotte wanted to graduate. Instead, she got a war. Finally coming to understand her heritage as an elemental, and just how important her family was, she’s faced with her last stand against the darkness. Lanca is in trouble near Vampire Locke, Public has been overrun, and Charlotte is left to pick up the pieces of what she can. War is coming. War is here. Can she stand?

Not to mention that Ricky finds out about the paranormal world, Lisabelle does something unspeakable, and Keller is lost to her beyond even dreaming. Charlotte feels alone, and yet still very much in demand. If she can fine a way to win this war once and for all, she might just live up to her father’s legacy.

If you like this one, there’s a whole series to come! I’ve even heard of a spin off, so you can check all that out on author Maddy Edwards’s website.


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