Review: Elemental Dawn by Maddy Edwards

Elemental Dawn is book four of the Paranormal Public series by Maddy Edwards.

Lanca, Vampire Princess, is about to become Queen. Her father’s been murdered, and Sip, Lisabelle, and Charlotte rush to her side for her coronation. Of course, everything couldn’t be just that simple. Because the dark mages are all invited, and most of them have gone over to the side of the demons to be led by Malle. Malle, of course, has to make an announcement that she wants Charlotte dead… and fear just might be her ally in this evil deed.

But friendship abounds, and maybe the girls along with Lough and Keller, just might have what it takes to pull through. If they stick together.

If you like this one, there’s a whole series to come! I’ve even heard of a spin off, so you can check all that out on author Maddy Edwards’s website.


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