Review: Elemental Air by Maddy Edwards

Elemental Air is book six of the Paranormal Public series by Maddy Edwards.

It’s junior year at Public… and Charlotte is saddled with a crazy dorm mother intent on suffocating her, for her own good of course. Sip is away planning for the gala to celebrate the promotion of President Oliva, who’s not nearly as nice as his fake identity as a student used to be. Oh, and pretty much everyone hates Charlotte now, not that the feeling is much of a surprise. Although, the random bombings around school with the sign of six just might be.

Charlotte is just beginning (a little belatedly in my mind) to figure out how important she is in the scheme of things. She’s called to task by Nolan (good for him) for being focused on the wrong things in this war. And she’s got to confront that before everything can get out of control.

If you like this one, there’s a whole series to come! I’ve even heard of a spin off, so you can check all that out on author Maddy Edwards’s website.


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