Review: Edge of Mercy by CC Marks

Edge of Mercy begins with a young boy after the world ends. Draghoul, the zombie-like disease that infected the world, scrabble at the edge of the compound where Charlie and her friends live. Except, Charlie isn’t a boy, and girls are particularly sweet meat to the infected.

I liked Charlie, as a character, because she’s scared and traumatized, and it shows. She has been through more than any seventeen year old should have to, and it affects her decisions. She scared, nervous, distrusting, frustrated. She can envision a better world, but no one will help her reach it. Fiercely protective of her baby sister, Star, Charlie is trying to survive in an environment tailor made out of her own worst nightmares.

Thomas and Zeke, the only two boys she really trusts in the entire complex full of men, are polar opposites. Zeke is the exuberant, boastful, try-to-hide-all-scars type while Thomas is steady, focused, and protective. The two boys are tested to their limits in just how far they’re willing to go for the girl they call their friend.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

Edge of Mercy is book one in the series, and I’m definitely going to find book two! You can find the author’s website here, or just go straight to Amazon or Smashwords to get the book.


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