Review: Deception by Shonna White

So, today’s discussion is over Deception by Shonna White. Deception is a prequel to her series Lost Infernal, which after that prequel, I can’t wait to read. I must say, her website had a ton of great stuff about the series and can be found here. She’s really created a whole world, and you can explore that in her books and on her site.

But what’s the book about? You ask, I answer.

Estellia, or Lieutenant Wolf, is a genetic mutation. She’s a woman with some paranormal powers she uses in her job. I feel like there’s a lot of backstory to her life that we don’t get in this novella, but that only made me more interested in her story. Estellia is snarky and confident, both good qualities in my book.

The novella follows her on an assassin mission, which goes a little wrong. The plot sets up the books, and we get to see a history of Estellia. I think this book would be a little more understandable with more of an understanding of the Lost Infernal world, but that’s why I checked out her website.

You can check out Deception: Lost Infernal on Amazon for only $0.99, so it’s a good deal.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver


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