Review: Deadly Beauties by CM Owens

The Deadly Beauties Trilogy by CM Owens contains thrilling adventure, fought-for love, deception, and a true fight between good and evil. Here’s a little about each book…

Blood’s Fury

Blood’s Fury is book one. Alyssa Coldwell just wanted to be human for a year before she became immortal. Just a few months of living on her own. Was that really too much to ask? She throws herself into the human experience, even falling for a human boy, Kane.

Except, her mother disappears and all kinds of immortals are swarming into her ‘human’ life. Thankfully, she can hide that from her human lover. But the stress is bringing out sides of Alyssa that are harder to control.

Blood’s Fury is the start of a whirlwind adventure through a paranormal world where good and evil, light and dark, life and death are always at odds. And Alyssa may be the only one to bring balance.

Poison’s Kiss

Poison’s Kiss is book two. Continuing with Alyssa’s story, we find out for sure what we should have already suspected. and Alyssa’s life is about to get complicated.

Kane isn’t quite as human as we thought. His coldness breaks her heart, and she’s forced into the protection of a dark magic user and a changer, two people she’d never thought she’d trust. With threats still out on her life and her mother’s kidnapping yet unsolved, Alyssa isn’t safe.

Her heart and her life are on the line, and she’s got to start to see that the world isn’t quite so black and white, light and dark, as she’s always believed. Maybe there are shades of gray… and maybe she’s caught in the middle too.

Red Moon Secret

Red Moon Secret is book three. Now that the air is cleared between Kane and Alyssa, she’s left with a choice. Oh, and her destiny might just be coming to call. If she can stand up under the pressure of a prophecy that leaves her as the savior or the destroyer… her choice.

Alyssa is the kind of creature that legends are made of. And she is a legend. A prophesied myth. She and her allies are starting to gather, fighting a war they don’t even have all the facts on against an enemy who’s name they don’t know. But they’re desperately fighting for their lives.

And everything will come to a head. If Alyssa can make the right choice. If she can follow her heart and not doubt her strength. She just might save them all.

Deadly Beauties

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