Review: The Dead Live On by JC Brown

The Dead Live On is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror novel full of the dead, the living dead, and the dead living. This isn’t my normal genre, so I’m going to try and remain objective here.

Let’s first start with a little about the story. Apparently, zombie-ism is a plague that was released in America and has swept the nation. Get bit or even get some of a zombie’s blood on you, and you become Infected. The book follows a variety of characters as they fight the living dead and try and save what’s left of the living in their world.

Author JC Brown has some good ideas with the Infected and the Able Infected, which are kind of two strains of the virus. Each person reacts a little differently depending on how they were infected and who they are.

However, I felt like the plot was contrived, the writing was subpar, and the characters didn’t live long enough for us to get attached. No character lasted the whole book, and we’re left bouncing around characters and trying to find one to hold on to. Their relationships are forced, even the ones that have been together for years before the zombie apocalypse.

If you’re a fan of horror novels with terrible endings, this is a book for you. If you want a hero you can respect, don’t pick it up.

Want to read it? You can find the author’s website here, or just go buy The Dead Live On on Amazon.


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