Review: Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur

Dangerous Games is book four of the Riley Jensen, Guardian series by Keri Arthur.

Now the clones are out of the way and Riley is a full fledged guardian, she’s been assigned a demon related case where she needs to make friends with the hot yet dangerous Jin, a man who’s more than he seems. Finding out more about Quinn’s past, and his ideas of their relationship, aren’t going to help her stay calm.

Riley has got to decide how far she’s willing to go to fulfill her oaths as a guardian, and how much of herself she can give to justice. Plus, there’s a bunch of crap from her past all coming together at once.

Riley has grown a lot over the course of this series. She’s a deeper, more complex character. She’s got desires and she’ll fight for them. And at the end, her dream are important enough to her to make the hard choices.

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