Review: Crimson by Cheree Alsop

Crimson by Cheree Alsop is book 3 in the Silver series. Kaynan was killed in a drunk driving accident, and it was his fault. But somehow, he’s waking up in a laboratory with incredible senses and super strength. In the process of breaking out of the lab, he finds a blind female werewolf and they both escape together. Along the way, Kaynan experiences his first fear-induced phase into the wolf he’s become. With bright red fur and a chemical taint to his smell, Kaynan is the first man-made werewolf.

He and Grace call Jaze for assistance and get rushed back to Jaze’s safe house. But the scientists aren’t about to give up that easily. Even as Kaynan has to adjust to his new life as a werewolf, he’s wracked with guilt at the car crash he caused which killed his younger sister and her best friend. A blind wolf girl becomes his saving Grace.

Author Cheree Alsop does a great job bringing real emotion into Kaynan’s mental agony. Even as he confronts his own demons, he finds a way to fit into Jaze’s rescue band and use his unconventional skills for good. There’s also some supernatural miracles in this book as Kaynan helps Grace adjust to life as newly blinded. When Grace’s brother comes for her, Kaynan has to let go of the one person making his life seem worth living again.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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