Review: Cold Fire by Tamora Pierce

Cold Fire is book three in The Circle Opens series and follows Daja to Namoran in search of new ways of smithing.

Continuing in the tradition, Daja also finds new, ambient mages in her travel. A pair of twin girls, each with their own magic, and she must teach them. Not that it will be easy, since patience with chatterboxes isn’t Daja’s strong suit.

But what’s more, there’s a firebug loose in a city of wooden houses. This firebug has set alight several houses and shops, killing a lot of people. Daja is trying to help the only other person who seems to be fighting the fires, Ben, even going so far as to make a set of fireproof gloves.

Solving the crime, though, takes more from Daja than she thought. And it isn’t easy to find out her firebug was someone she knew all along.

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Opens series here or on the author’s website. Remember, this series comes after the Circle of Magic series.


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