Review: In Chains by Michelle Abbott

In Chains

In Chains is the first of the In Chains series by Michelle Abbott and tells the tale of a forbidden love between Savannah and her brother’s slave Kayden.

Savannah has just come off a terrible breakup with her boyfriend of six years and moves in with her brother for a change of scenery and the start of a new life. What she didn’t know is that her brother’s acquired a slave for menial work around the house. To the world, slaves aren’t human, they’re less. But to Savannah, Kayden is strong, handsome, and kind. She falls hard and fast.

But their road together isn’t easy, and her brother will block them at every turn. Yet the two of them are determined that what they have is real. Will they overcome all the obstacles? Well, that’s yet to be determined.

Locked Together

Locked Together is the second book in the In Chains series by Michelle Abbott and follows Savannah and Kayden into the depths of the Compound.

Savannah is finding the world of the Compound so much more difficult than she thought. Branded a trouble maker, she’s stuck in the most terrible part of the Pound’s depths. Of course, that’s where Kayden is, so she’s okay with that. Kayden, on the other hand, is suffering from regret for getting Savannah into this. He’s unsure of himself, and her love, because of of lies whispered in his ear by the guards around the Pound.

Their lives come to a head when they break, emotionally and mentally. But the two are in this for the long haul … aren’t they?

Locked Together touches some mature subjects like beatings, metal stress, slavery, and sex. So, if you don’t like that kind of intensity, this might be a little dark for you. Otherwise, it’s a harsh love story. But more intense for it.

The Series

If you like the sound of these dark romances, you can check them out on Amazon or through Michelle Abbott’s website. Michelle Abbott is also a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, and we’d both love if you’d check out more of her books from there. She’s got another stand-alone romance called Just Stay that’s worth the read.


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