Review: Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy by Quinn Loftis deviates from my usual paranormal reviews, as this one has no supernatural elements to it at all. But I loved the book so much, and I have such respect for the author, that I have to give it public props here on my blog.

Call Me Crazy is the story of a young bi-polar girl dealing with her new found disease. Tally Baker, 17, was admitted to a mental hospital as she learned to deal with her recently diagnosed condition. She meets Candy, an eccentric older lady that teaches her that life is short and to live it to its fullest, and Trey, a high school boy visiting his mother. Tally and Trey strike up a friendship, but she never tells him that she’s a patient. When she’s released from the hospital, she thinks that’s the end of her relationship with the boy who finally managed to break down her walls.

Until she finds out he’s a student at her school, and she can’t hide her condition anymore: especially the breakdown that sent her to the hospital in the first place – an incident including a blade and blood on the bathroom floor.

Call Me Crazy is a story that reminds us that we’re all more flawed and more broken than anyone can see at first glance. But it’s those flaws and cracks that come to make up who we are, and become the strengths on which we build the rest of our lives. Tally deals with more than any one teenager should ever have to, and I cried when I realized that this could be a very true story for a very real young girl. Trey is the kind of boy every girl dreams of finding. Loyal, caring, stubborn, and willing to take on the world just to stay close to the girl he loves.

So, I recommend Call Me Crazy, even to my mostly paranormal audience. It’s worth the read. Find it on Amazon here, or visit the author’s website.



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