Review: Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis

Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis is book two of Prince of Wolves. Jacque, Jen, and Sally are back, in full force! It’s time for Jacque and Fane’s Blood Rites ceremony, but things can’t be that easy. On the way to the ceremony, everything implodes and Fane is left screaming for his unconscious mate.

PS: spoilers if you haven’t read earlier books in the series!

Jacque’s father gets involved, after hearing about her and Fane’s relationship. As an alpha himself, putting his fingers in the pie opens up a whole basket of worms. Especially after there’s a scheme involving Jacque that may take her out of Fane’s life forever, if it succeeds. Fane, Jen, and Sally are determined that will never happen, and they go to battle for their friend’s freedom.

Of course, there’s a new love interest introduced. Decebel and Jen are the match that defines stubborn, head butting. But Decebel can’t claim her without mating signs, and Jen isn’t showing. So they continue to taunt, in true Jen fashion: loudly and with lots of unfulfilled sexual innuendoes.

I love Jen, as a character, and matching her to Decebel was true genius by author Quinn Loftis. Decebel is the match for loud, boisterous Jen, and never backs down from her challenge. They may butt heads, but they’re a team through and through.

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