Review: Bladed Magic by JC Daniels

Bladed Magic is a prequel to the Colbaba Files series by JC Daniels following Kit Colbana and her investigations.

Bladed Magic tells the story of how TJ introduced Kit to Justin, the freelance witch that got her started into the world of investigations. He finds her picture at one of his crime scenes and knows she can help bring down the child molester he’s chasing, if he can convince her to try.

Kit, for her part, gives Justin the info he needs. But it’s not her skills at research that close the case, it’s her gut instinct. And that’s how Kit and Justin met, previously to the events in Blade Song, which is book one.

If you like the sound of this one, you can check out the rest of the series on author JC Daniels’ website. Or, here’s a list from me:


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