Review: Black by Cheree Alsop

Black by Cheree Alsop is book two in the Silver series, and is probably my favorite of the series. Jet Black was stolen as a child and raised in a werewolf fighting ring. He’s vicious, ruthless, and heart-sore. When Jaze rescues him on the brink of death, Jet has to learn to forgive himself for the lives he’s taken before he can join Jaze’s werewolf saving mission. The gentle hands of Taye, the beautiful alpha female waiting for him at Jaze’s house, are part of the reason he comes to terms with his own past.
The book delves into Jet’s past and how he feels about his family. But the true test of self comes when it’s Jaze and Taye’s lives on the line, and Jet reacts with vicious brutality to keep his new family safe. They accept him with open arms, and Jet comes into himself. I think that’s why this is my favorite book. Jet is so very broken, but with the loyal care of Jaze and the loving attention of Taye, he rebuilds himself into a cornerstone of Jaze’s team.

Although the book focuses on Jet, and is written from his POV, we don’t lose contact with Jaze and Nikki and Brock and all our favorite characters from Silver. Chet and the boys are still annoying, and the metal detectors at school still fail to reveal the werewolves. Oh, and shoes. Shoes are a terrible invention, at least in Jet’s opinion.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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