Review: Best Foot Forward by Tamie Dearen

Best Foot Forward is the fourth book in the Best Girls Series by Tamie Dearen and goes back in time a little to share the story of Grace and Brad.

Grace never lets boys too close, because she has to protect her heart. So when Brad lets the “l word” slip, she’s gone. But then she realizes she really was in love with him all along. True to Best Girl fashion (even though Grace is a Marshall, the girls have all adopted Best Dating Rules), Grace and Brad must fight through a comedy of miscommunication and diverted apologies.

I liked the diversion into the Marshall girls, and hope we get to see more of them. Marshall Law is almost as hilarious as the Best Dating Rules. At least Grace can admit to herself that she’s in love (even if she won’t tell Brad), unlike the Best girls!

If you like the sound of this one, you can check out the rest of the series. There’s also author Tamie Dearen’s website, or you can visit and support her through Rave Reviews Book Club.


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