Review: Beneath the Willow by Gemma Farrow

Beneath the Willow is a novella length horror novel with vampires and lost love. Thomas and Keziah were happy, until the night she got bit. He had to bury her in the earth, and come back for whatever was left of her eight days later. This is the story of his internal struggle as he’s dealing with the ramifications of what happened to the girl he loved.

Warning: this story doesn’t have the happily-ever-after with a vampire ending that pop culture has started promoting.

The internal struggle of Thomas as he deals with this process makes for an interesting story. However, I felt like it was too much telling and not enough showing, but that may be personal. I didn’t feel like I could connect with Thomas. Yes, I thought he was weak, but I think that’s the idea. And he might actually have been right, but I wanted more inside his head than I was.

But, for a short story, this was intense. It definitely drew out reactions from me, so well done on that count.

three stars

So, here’s the author’s amazon page, or you can get Beneath the Willow on Amazon.


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