Review: Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce

Battle Magic is the first book in The Circle Reforged series by Tamora Pierce, and follows Briar’s adventures before he arrives home to his foster-sisters.

Briar, Rosethorn, and Evvy are stuck in the middle of a war in Gyongxi. Torture, death, and pain surround them, but the three mages know they may be the difference between victory and slavery for their friends in Gyongxi. Joined by some new faces, Briar, Rosethorn, and Evvy must reach deep inside themselves to find the strength to fight a war for a country they don’t call home.

This book delves a little deeper into the cost of battle on the human mind. Briar’s protective instincts surge up, especially when it comes to Rosethorn and Evvy. Evvy herself must find it in her heart to have courage in the face of her greatest fear. Rosethorn must admit to herself how much Briar and Evvy have come to mean to her, embrace that, and use it to her advantage.

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Reforged series here or on the author’s website. If you’re confused, you can go back and read The Circle of Magic series and The Circle Opens series, which are prequels to this series: The Circle Reforged.


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