Review: Azure by Cheree Alsop

Azure by Cheree Alsop is book 5 in the Silver series. This book focuses on Vance and Nora. Once again, the werewolf/Hunter dichotomy is brought to play. Vance is an alpha werewolf stashed away in a ‘werewolf retreat’ by his parents and trying to maintain a precarious balance among four alphas and a dozen grays. Nora and a group of young, inexperienced Hunters raid their hideout and are slaughtered by the wolves. Except Nora.

Vance can’t seem to kill her, even though that’s probably the practical way to go. Instead, he’s drawn to this brash and stubborn young Hunter who’s done everything in her power to rise his ire. She, in turn, watches him care for the other wolves and use his special traking skills to find a bunch of lost hikers. She can’t help it, and she falls for him. But her father is an Extremist Hunter, and to him, the only good werewolf is a dead one.

Caught by Nora’s father, Vance is lost in Lobotraz. Werewolf hell. His time in Lobotraz becomes a defining moment for Vance. She will do anything to rescue him. He will do anything to rescue the other wolves. Jaze steps in and everything goes to chaos. I won’t tell you more and spoil the plot, but it gets pretty intense.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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