Review: Avoidables by Rachel Medhurst

Avoidables by Rachel Medhurst is the first part of a multiple part serial staring Hope, a half angel, Purple, her half dragon friend, and Jason, a perfect from the better part of the city.

Hope is an Avoidable. With only one arm, she’s discriminated against by the Perfects, those with perfect physical beauty. Her best friend Purple is a half dragon with the same problem, except he’s a fighter determined to do something about it. When Hope meets Jason, a Perfect who calls to her heart more than anyone or anything ever has, she’s drawn into the scheme to unit the Avoidables and the Perfects in a world without discrimination.

I liked the ideas behind this book. Of course, I waited until all the serials were together in one edition before reading. The whole concept of a serial was new to me, so I had a lot to learn about the way they work. Sometimes, I felt lost in the timeline as the story jumped forward without explanation. But overall, it was a good story!

If you like the sound of this one, find Avoidables onĀ Amazon, and then check out book two. Or, you can head over to the author’s website to find out more.


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