Review: Allure of the Wolf by Erin Flynn

Allure of the Wolf by Erin Flynn is the second in the Seraphine Thomas novels.

Sera, now just barely with a grasp on her abilities as a wolf and as a siren, is still fighting for her team as part of the FBI’s paranormal division: MNSTR. She’s also got to deal with the mess the werewolves are in, not to mention learning paranormal politics really fast. All this while balancing new relationships with her team, her friends, and her men.

Side note: Sera, as a siren, has sex with multiple partners. If that offends you, don’t pick up this book.

Sera is a strong character, and she’s really been thrown into the deep end while trying to learn to swim. She does a good job, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t mess up sometimes. But she does her best. And she’s navigating hearts as well as minds, and that makes it tricky.

If you want to try it out, there’s also a sequel. Or, you can read more on author Erin Flynn’s website.


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