Review: Addicted by Anna Wolfe

Addicted is book two of The One Rises series by Anna Wolfe and continues on with the adventures of Callie, Mark, Eddie, and Silas. In this episode, Callie finds out a lot more about the history of the demons and the Great Demon War.

Callie’s powers are growing and Silas is struggling to teach her everything she needs to know. We also get to meet Dyshawn, another Bitten, as Callie and Silas travel to his clinic to help diagnose a mentally ill person affected by demons. The climax fight is one that will stick with you!

As always, Callie is such a kick-butt character that I can’t wait to get to read more about her. We get to see more of Mark, Edie, and Silas as well. Mark’s temper gets him arrested. Silas, as always, is keeping secrets. Edit and Dyshawn’s past relationship is revealed and we learn more about where she comes from.

But it’s the demons that are the biggest threat, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to bring down Silas and his crew.

If you liked this one, you can check out the author’s website or the other books in the series:


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