Review: Accidentally Wolf by Erin Flynn

Accidentally Wolf is book one in the Seraphine Thomas series by Erin R Flynn.

Sera is an FBI agent, or she was until she is clawed up on the job and turned into a werewolf.  Now part of the MNSTR squad, she’s tasked with turning the paranormal branch of the FBI into a real division and not a joke. Of course, she has to deal with all the personal crap in her life too. Because nothing could just be easy.

PS: If you don’t do open sexual stories or stories with multiple sexual relationships, don’t read this book.

The story of the book is good. I feel like parts of it were forced do to writing style, but I was still held until the end. Sera is a very strong character, and well respected by her new team.

If you want to try it out, there’s also a sequel. Or, you can read more on author Erin Flynn’s website.


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