Review: A Demon and his Witch by Eve Langlais

A Demon and his Witch by Eve Langlais is a fast paced romantic thriller.

Ysabel has been the secretary witch for Lucifer for almost 500 years, her prescribed length of time for damning her killers to the worst parts of hell. Except, they’ve escaped, and now she’s got to get them back or relive her death every day: by burning alive.

Remy may be a demon playboy, but he’s also really good at tracking. So when Lucifer pairs the two, it’s a great work-partnership. But a personal nightmare. Womanizing Remy clashes with stubbornly single Ysabel in a battle of epic proportions.

Warning. There is quite a bit of sex in this book, and that may be the glue that holds the plot together. Their search for the lost souls isn’t actually very difficult, but the personal relationship makes the plot.

A Demon And His Witch on Amazon or via Author Eve Langlais’s website, where she has a ton more books and the rest of this series.


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