Review: 3 Days in Paradise by Chameleon

3 Days in Paradise is a mostly Christian work of fiction, so if that offends you, don’t read this book. It is a novella, as well, not a full length novel.

The premise is a young woman who reaches a super low point in her life and visits Paradise. What she finds there is an answer to a lot of her questions, although she has to figure out what the heck is going on in the mean time.

Dani, the main character, is wracked with guilt at the beginning of the story. The main theme of the work is her forgiveness of herself. She meets Gabe, and he helps her figure it out. These are great characters.

However, for the not as great. I felt like the emotion of the piece was lacking because we didn’t really get into the heads of the characters. The writing was stunted and the plot was rushed. This is a great premise, but it needed to be expounded and detailed.

three stars

Of course, there’s always the author’s website. Or you can find 3 Days in Paradise on Amazon or on Smashwords


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