Release Day Bliss

Tiger's PeaceYesterday was the release of my newest book, Tiger’s Peace, which is the fourth of the Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division series.

I’m so excited about this one! Of all my books, this one might have been my favorite to write. I feel like I’m finally getting in the grove with my writing style and Tori and her gang are talking to me loud as ever.

But more even than all that, I’m so excited because this is like a dream for me. With every new book, I get to revel in the fact that I am an author! And that is something I always wanted to be.

So yes, sometimes I get fed up with some of the work behind the books. You have no idea how hard some of it can be (unless you are an author, in which case, we’ll sympathize together). But when I see that new book Amazon. When I hold in in my hands and flip through the pages.

So. Totally. Worth. Every. Second.

I love being an author. I love escaping into a fantasy world and knowing I could take someone else with me. I love those moments when Tori sasses me for miswriting a scene or Hayden chimes in with his dry humor. I love the growing confidence in Shane and Lucian. I love watching Jason come into his own. I love Gage’s biting enthusiasm. I love the loyalty and knowing that as long as I have the gang, I’ll never be alone.

So here’s to book four. May there be many more in the years to come. Because honestly, I’m addicted. 🙂


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