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April Fool by Jo JennerJo’s Take on the Rave Reviews Book Club

Today’s post has to be in honour of Nonnie Jules and Rave Reviews Book Club.

I was introduced to RRBC when Kathryn invited me to join through Twitter, I checked out the join page and thought why not? I could easily read four books a year and hopefully I might get some people to read my books. I had been struggling to get reviews, even from friends and family, and originally joined to try and boost my reviews.

I couldn’t believe the support and love that flows from the club. Upon joining I received a free copy of “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS!” by Nonnie Jules. I read the book and it struck me how much more rewarding life can be supporting other people and that by supporting others you are not negating or neglecting yourself.

Rave Reviews Book Clubs offers so much support for all its members but those who support others get so much more out of the experience than those who just wait to be pushed.

Rave Reviews offer a #PUSHTUESDAY slot, a Book of the Month slot and the coveted “SPOTLIGHT” Author slot.

#PushTuesday is when one member is pushed through social media by all the others. This gets them a much greater exposure and can result in book sales and eventually reviews.

Book of the Month is as you would expect in a regular book club. Members read the book and then at the end of the month virtually get together to chat and ask the author questions. Where else but Rave Reviews do you actually get to talk to the author after you have read their book? Cool hey?

The Spotlight Author spot has to be one of the best spots available to any new author anywhere. It includes a blog tour, press release, interview with Nonnie Jules and a Twitter interview. This is a real honour and one that every member of the club would love to have.

There are a huge number of members, and the club is growing every day. The chances of getting, one of these coveted spots is limited but the benefits of the club are not.

You get to meet some great people, enjoy some wonderful support and feel part of a growing community, while giving back and helping support fellow authors and readers.

An opportunity too good to miss. Join Rave Reviews here and enjoy these benefits today.

Jo JennerAuthor Bio

Jo Jenner started writing professionally at the age of 40 and hasn’t looked back since.

Jo still works as a certified accountant and manages to fit her writing in during evenings and weekends.

She enjoys writing short stories and a number of flash fiction stories have been published under the title of So the Feeling Shows.’

Always one for a challenge Jo took on the A to Z challenge in April 2014. This resulted in April Fool, which was written over 26 days in April, using a different letter of the alphabet for each chapter.

Jo lives with her husband on the south coast of England, her dream location, and says walks along the sea front always help generate story ideas.

Jo can be found on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/#!/jojennerauthor

Or twitter – @jojenner40

And regularly blogs on http://jojenner.blogspot.co.uk

Book Links

So the Feeling Showshttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DOCK3S0
April Foolhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K3NCQ7E


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