A Pixie Problem

The Pixie: The Paranormal Mischief Maker…

What’s A Pixie?

Often thought to originate in Cornwall, pixies are usually tiny, human-like fey causing all kinds of trouble. They’re fun loving critters and often dance outside at night. They’re also known for leading human children astray if they find any¬†out alone. They like to ride around on horses (and then are called Gallitraps).

Physically, they often mimic basic human shape. But a lot of legends describe with with upturned noses, pointed ears, and usually wearing green clothes.

Modern Ideas for the Pixie

A lot of the modern tales about pixies have them living in fairy mounds or earthen hills. A lot of roads in rural England divert around these so called “fairy mounds” because disturbing a pixie’s house is bad luck.Harry Potter Pixies

They’ve become quite the little tricksters in modern fiction. Probably one of the more famous versions is from the well known Harry Potter Series. Although, that’s not the only modern version.

What’s your idea for a pixie story?


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