Leshy, Giant Tree or a Blade of Grass

In Slavic mythology, the Leshy is a male forest spirit. Something of a distant faery cousin, he can also change sizes like a shifter. So quite the confused forest guardian.


The leshy usually appears as a tall man, but he can change sizes from a single blade of grass to a tall tree. Usually, he’s tree sized in the forest and grass sized out of it. They have beards of grass and bushy eyebrows with bright green eyes. Most strangely, though, is that a leshy has no shadow.

Forrest Friends

The leshy has a close bond with the gray wolf, and is often seen with one. Sometimes, he likes to hang out with bears as well. He befriends all kinds of animals and tells them when to migrate.


The leshy is an innocent trickster, and not evil. Since they can imitate voices, they like to lead people into the forrest for some fun. Things like getting tickled to death. They’ll also remove signs from their posts so that people get lost in the woods. Of course, they have also been known to keep cows from wandering too far into the forest and getting lost. Guess animals are just nicer.

Leshies have a basic magic, which you can learn if you make a pact with them.


If you get lost, sit under a tree and put your clothes on backwards. Put your left shoe on your right foot, since leshies often do this themselves. Of course, you can always set the forrest on fire and he rushes to help that and leave you alone. I’d not suggest this to any forrest fire marshals, though.


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