Harpie, the bird woman

A Harpie is a Greek mythological creature that’s a mix of bird and woman.

The Bird Woman

Although the harpie legend didn’t start out with malevolence or ugliness but rather as wind spirits, now they are known best for the mix of bird and women. The word ‘harpie’ comes from the Greek word for ‘snatcher,’ which is what these creatures are known for. Snatching people and things desired by the Greek gods.

Greek myths involving Jason and Phineus both show the harpies in unfavorable lights, even if they were only doing as ordered.

Sketching Your Harpie

If you want to stay with the Greek myth, check out the stories of Jason and Phineus to get a feel for what harpies were like. Elsewise, have fun with your mix. Remember, harpies didn’t start out as evil, but they’re pretty dirty in legends now.

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