The Gnome Way

Garden GnomeGnomes, perhaps more than the average paranormal critter, have changed common descriptions a lot over the years. They’re said to be small creatures that live underground. Of course, now, we make little statues of them to stick in our gardens.

Origins of the Gnome

Our word gnome comes from the Latin “gnomus” and was seen in literature as early as the sixteen century. Although, some sources say they originated in Scandinavia. The greeks classified them as elementals, and said they could walk through earth easier than air.

Description & Types of Gnomes

The stories tell us of various types of gnomes: the forest gnome, the garden gnome, the house gnome, and the farm gnome. Each has its own dominion, and differing levels of interaction with humans. The forest gnomes are pretty reclusive while the house gnomes are more bold.

A lot of descriptions of gnomes have them standing somewhere between 8 inches to a foot tall. Sometimes, with bright caps standing even taller. They’re vegetarian, eating a lot of nuts, fruits, and berries. Apparently, they have pretty good eye sight (better than ours) and are wicked fast.

More About Them

For more info, you can always check out the Mythical Creatures Guide or just do a google search.

I think these little guys would make great spies in a fantasy story. Where do you think they’d fit into a story?


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