The First Madam President by Kenneth Kerr

Hey friends! Today we get to do another fun Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author blog tour stop! I know, Mondays aren’t usually book stops for me, but I had to make an exception to support some awesome indie authors. So, read on!

Kenneth J KerrAbout the Author

Hi. My pen name is Kenneth J. Kerr, but most people call me Ken. I am retired after a successful business career, which included extensive international travel and living overseas in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan for almost a decade. After retirement, I lived in Russia for a year as a Peace Corps volunteer. I began my writing career ‘late in life’, just over two years ago. My second novel, “The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)” was published in May 2014 and is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon and as an e-book in all formats at Smashwords.


Cover Art for “The First Madam President (and the dirty bombs)”

Madam PresidentHow does one decide on the cover for one’s book? I could have hired someone to create a cover degn for “The First Madam President,” but I chose to try to create a cover myself. I thought about a picture of the White House, or some other image in Washington D.C. I also considered using a photo of an attractive lady, representing an image of the first woman President, but several of my “advisors” didn’t like that idea. Finally, I came up with a photo that hopefully creates a cold, mysterious feeling when you view it. I have gotten generally positive feedback on the cover art. The photo is one I took while living in Russia. It was taken one morning in January, along a walkway just outside my apartment when it was forty degrees below zero. It was a beautiful, but very cold, morning. Only one other person was out walking on the pathway that morning, and I hope that creates a little mystery also. I hope you like the photo.

Book Excerpt

The President had only met Ann once before, but her initial impressions of the young lady were very positive. She smiled inwardly realizing that the CIA Director had given Ann a more important role in this meeting.

“Ann, you and your Director were here previously on the suspected plot, and I said come back when you have more evidence that will stand up in court. Do you think we are there yet?”

Ann responded, “Madam President, with all due respect, you may be using the wrong standard. My team is tasked with following Al Qaeda, collecting intelligence, analyzing the intelligence and the situation, and preventing another terrorist attack on the United States. Sometimes we collect intelligence in ways that would not meet the standard required in a court of law. We may have that situation facing us now. It is highly likely that a cell of terrorists plan to attack sites in Washington D.C soon. It could be tomorrow, or the next day or several days from now. Hopefully, they are using fake explosives and will be unsuccessful. I don’t want to take that chance. And Madam President, I don’t think you should take that chance either. We have reliable intelligence that indicates an attack is imminent. I don’t believe you want to be known as the President who had intel about an attack and did not act. There are times when the standard for evidence useable in a trial, may be too high. This may be one of those times.”

The President stared at Ann. Everyone else in the room was dead silent, wondering how the President would respond to Ann’s comments.



  1. Well done Loren, a great write-up! Congratulations Ken on your time in the ‘SPOTLIGHT’, you look like you’re enjoying it! A great cover by the way;-)

  2. Loren, thank you so much for hosting Ken during this SPOTLIGHT week!!
    I love your cover art, Ken!! I think it’s awesome that it’s one of your own pictures. 🙂

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