Encantado, dolphin shifter

An Encantado is a Brazilian legend of a shapeshifter from the sea. The word Encantado comes from Brazilian Portugese for “enchanted one.” They come from the underwater realm called Encante.

Looks & Abilities

An Encantado is an Amazon dolphin, or a boto, in underwater form. Most of the stories depict male botos, and the shift only happens at night. When it shifts to human, it is bald because it’s blowhole doesn’t go away. They often wear hats to hide this difference and usually bright colors.

They’re attracted to parties and have uncanny musical abilities. Due to their beautiful looks and heightened sex appeal, the dolphin-man is the center of attention at any party… the traditional Party Animal.

Walking by the River

Encantados love to steal humans and take them back to Encante. Since they’ve got this magnetic sex appeal, they tend to have a lot of illegitimate children. These kids tend to be priority targets. Although, if you’re walking by a river after dark, you’re prone to getting snatched.

Sometimes, girls are taken from dry land back to Encante. If they’re ever found again, they’re usually a little insane and pregnant. Because of this, fatherless children are often called “Children of the Boto” and it’s a nasty insult.

Stories of the Encantado

A dolphin shifter? No where near as popular in modern pop culture, the Encantado hasn’t yet found his stride. But I imagine it’s only a matter of time  before paranormal romance authors describe a sexy dolphin-man who kidnaps his lady love to a life in utopia under the sea.

*Breaks out into Little Mermaid song Unda Da Sea*


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