Djinn, the first genie

The Djinn, or Jinn, is an Arab myth about creatures from another dimension.

What They Are

Djinn are spirit beings that can be good or evil. According to Islam legends, the djinn, humans, and angels are the three creatures made by deity. Like humans, djinn have free will. They are creatures of fire without smoke and are, as such, invisible to humans. Of course, they can change appearance too, if they become visible.

They can be killed, like any other creature, although it is pretty hard to do it. Magic is usually involved. The highest of the djinns is Iblis, formerly called Azazel, the prince of darkness, or the Devil. That name may sound familiar to some of you.

Solomon’s Ring

According to legend, Solomon had a ring (most myths say diamond) that he used to control the djinn and force them to fight for him. Solomon enslaved the djinn and they did all kinds of work for him until he died. No one knows what happened to the ring after that.

Weaving them In

Djinn have awesome story potential. There are different types and a hierarchy of sorts for their power levels. The history and legends are rich with details of how they were made and their battles with me. So, my advice? Have fun with the legends. Not all djinn are evil, but some are. And most of them are pretty powerful.

Per my usual, please leave me a comment with your favorite djinn idea! These are the creatures that gave rise to Genies! And if you enjoy this little tidbit of paranormal history, share with your friends via your favorite social media. Much love!


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