Daywalker Status Achieved

HeroesSo, I’ve discovered first hand the dream of every vampire ever. And it can be summed up in one word.


And it won’t last, I know. But for now. I am a Daywalker.

Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is simple. Education. I’m learning a new tool for work. I’ve got to learn two of them in the next year and become proficient enough to run them by myself. This is the first step. I’m working with another MWD. And I’m awake during the day. Nice, right?

Well, that’s what’s up with my oilfield life. What about my author life? I mean, fiction has to be be better than reality… right? That’s why its fiction.

Shadow's LamentWe’re currently editing Shadow’s Lament for publication in November! I’m so thoroughly hyped about this that you have no idea. Tori’s going to New York!! To visit the Council! Bad things happen!

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t put a ! after bad things. But hey, I’m an author. I get paid (sort of) to kill (fictional) people in spectacular ways. I mean, check out that cover. Obviously something really bad happened there.

And I’m pretty pumped about it. I don’t care if you think that makes me sound mental.

Oh, and I’ve already got the first draft for Tiger’s Peace all ready to go to my wonderful editor as soon as she’s done with Shadow’s Lament.

Tiger's Peace - Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division Book 4Aren’t you proud of me? Wanna see the cover?

Pretty freaking fantastic, am I right? Come on, I know I’m right.

There’s a couple fantabulous new characters in this one, and I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Oh, and Tori finally gets to wake up and smell the roses… *cough cough*

Oh, right, no spoilers. So, I’m working on book five already. Don’t have a cover or a title for that one. Gotta keep some mystery, don’t I? But I’ve got a plot outline and the word count is increasing.

And there’s NaNoWriMo, which will be a fun experience. I’m thinking a standalone novel. Working title is Heart of the Mouse. Oh, I’m crazy excited about it! And about seeing if I can write the whole thing in a month.

Yeah, we might have to re-evaluate that whole Loren-isn’t-REALLY-mental idea.

TaTa for now, my lovelies! Can’t wait to hear from you! *hint comments hint*



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