Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman

So, today, I’m doing something a little different. I’ve recently jointed the Rave Reviews Book Club, and I love it! One of the things they do to help promote books is to create a mini blog tour to get readers interested in the books. So, this week, I’m joining the fun! So, here’s a fun new read by Hilary Grossman called Dangled Carat. Check out this excerpt, then connect with Hilary and read the book!

Dangled Carat

Dangled Carat By Hillary GrossmanWe meandered to the backyard, which was on the inter-coastal, champagne flutes in our hands.  Although I knew it was a joke, I couldn’t help it. I kept admiring the ring on my finger, pretending it was really my engagement ring.  I expected Eric or Jaye to fess up and admit to Eric’s family that our engagement was a joke, but they didn’t.  They just kept letting Eric’s family think we were really engaged. Lois kept on beaming, tossing out questions about our engagement. She wanted details.  Jaye ended up answering almost all of them for me.  After all, if not for Jaye, this “engagement” would not be happening.

“So… When did this happen?” Lois asked.

“Tonight, Mom,” Jaye answered quickly.  “Would you believe it happened right before we came over?”
“Really?  Wow.  Were you expecting it, Hilary?”

“No,” I honestly replied.  “It came out of left field.”

“Oh, I love a surprise engagement,” Lois beamed.

“Yeah it was a surprise all right.  Hilary wasn’t the only one that was caught off guard,” Jaye clarified as I tried to keep a straight face.

“How did Marc propose?  Did he get down on one knee?  Irvin didn’t, and I was so disappointed.”

“Don’t feel bad, Mom, Marc didn’t get down on one knee either.  But I think he did get weak in the knees. But you asked
how he proposed.  Let’s just say… I don’t think he planned for it.”

Lois smiled and took a delicate sip of her drink.  I still had a stupid smile plastered on my face.  I was having a blast.  Well, I was until I glanced over and saw the pained look in Marc’s eyes, which was growing more noticeable with every additional comment out of Jaye’s mouth.

He was trying so hard to be a good sport.  I could see it was getting increasingly difficult for him to let this charade continue.  As he got agitated so did I.  In an instant, the joke stopped being funny.  It was sad and hurtful.   No matter how hard I pretended, Jaye’s proposal wasn’t real, nor was it going to magically become so.  Instead, it started to become crystal clear to me, while looking at Marc’s troubled face that he had no intention of proposing to me now, and I feared ever.  Would I be okay always just being his girlfriend?

It’s amazing how devastating disappointment can be, especially when it’s over something that you didn’t really expect to occur in the first place, if you are truly honest with yourself…

Hilary Grossman

headshot 1 -not shrunkHilary Grossman dated a guy so commitment-phobic that she was able to write a book about their relationship. She is currently the CFO of a beverage alcohol importer and lives on Long Island.

Dangled Carat is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can connect with Hilary on her blog on Twitter or on Facebook.



  1. Congratulations to Hilary on being honored with the Rave Reviews Book Club Author Spotlight! Thank you, Loren, for hosting this incredible author!

  2. Hilary reading your excerpt took me back to a time that I wanted to forget. Mine involved a blind date that became an illusion of something much more. So maybe there’s a story there. Congratulations on your tour and being the Spotlight Author.

    Thanks Loren for hosting Hilary.

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